Vintage Amazingness by Lot116

When I first came across Lot116, I was completely amazed and just knew I wanted to publish her work on IMB. And what better to publish than this delicious vintage family session consisting of mom, dad, and three girls (ages four, six, and eight). This family not only coordinated clothing but also hair to achieve this amazing look.  They topped the session off with yummy light, a field, and a vintage car. Totally inspiring to see how to think outside the box with family sessions.

Let us know what you think of this session in the comments!

From Lot116: This session is still one of my favorites. From the people, the originality, the clothes, the truck, the fun, the laughs, the smiles, the pouts, you name it.  I loved every minute of it!

Tips from Lot116: Talk about ideas with the client. Try and get people to do things outside the box. Most of all….HAVE FUN! :) I only wish I could get more people to try something totally different.

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