Teething Baby Fun :) by Tammy Staley Photography

When babies are cranky, it certainly makes our job as a photographer a little more difficult. This little 7 month old was right in the middle of teething so Tammy Staley Photography incorporated not only “chewing” breaks but also some play time in order to distract him. As a result, she was able to get some natural and fun photographs. I think this session shows that we don’t always need to go all out with props, outfit changes, etc. for a successful family session.

Oh okay, let’s be real, I really just love the crying photos!

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From Tammy Staley Photography: This is one of my favorite clients.  I did their maternity session, newborn session, 4 month session and then this one at 7 months.  Poor little Hayden was right in the middle of teething and really just wanted to chew on something instead of smile for the camera.  I could tell his gums were hurting but through play and letting him have “chewing” breaks we were able to get some great shots of him.  I love incorporating play in my sessions and this time it was just what was needed.

Tips from Tammy Staley Photography: Be flexible.  What works for one baby will not work for another baby so you have to be ready to change things up.  I think that it might help to approach the session like a babysitting job.  You don’t really know this baby but you want to keep him happy so you try all your tricks and go with the one that works.  The other tip I have is be ready.  Babies are quick with their smiles and expressions so you need to have your camera ready to catch it.  You should try all sorts of different angles and remember to play with the baby.

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