Review: Boda Bag vs. Shootsac – THE SHOWDOWN

Thinking about a camera bag? There are so many choices out there ~ hopefully I can help you figure out what works for you before you spend some $$ (like I did :( ). Here is my review of the Boda bag vs. Shootsac. Note: This review is for the first generation of the Boda bag but can probably apply to the new one.

The things I carry in my bag: 2 lenses, Bottle of water, Memory cards, Wallet, iPhone, Business cards, Keys, 6 camera batteries, 16 AA batteries, Lens cap (when shooting).


The Boda Bag has a pocket for everything I need for my portrait sessions and weddings. Pens, business cards, memory cards each have a designated spot. Once I started using the Boda, I designated certain pockets for my wallet and cell phone. I ALWAYS knew where everything was. If whatever I was looking for wasn’t in that pocket, I would panic.

When I switched to the Shootsac, yes, there are pockets, but nothing to differentiate one from the other. Although I tried to designate pockets for batteries and my wallet, etc., when I’m in a rush, one thing might end up in a completely different place. This leaves me a little disorganized and ALWAYS rifling through my bag to find something. Plus, I had to purchase a memory card holder just so I had a place to keep my memory cards from falling out. Speaking of falling out, there have been one too many times I thought I lost my cell phone because it might have slipped out of the Shootsac.


The Boda Bag is definitely bulkier than the Shootsac. One of my biggest complaints when shooting an 8 hour wedding is how much my shoulders ached at the end of the day. I also always had trouble squeezing between the chairs at a reception when shooting a wedding. I hated this since I like to be as fast and mobile as possible. Too many times, my Boda would smack guests in the head. Probably not good.

The Boda bag also boasts that it can be worn around the waist, which is the reason why I bought it in the first place. Boooo on them as the waist strap they provided was too big for me. I guess I’m not an average sized girl by Boda standards.

The Shootsac lives up to its promise that it conforms to your body. The weight and conforming features is what I love most about the Shootsac. Makes a lot of difference at the end of the day of an 8 hour wedding. And no smacking guests in the head anymore.


Without any discounts, the Boda bag (v3) sells for $195 and the Shootsac sells for $170.

Actually, it depends on what your needs are. If practicality is important to you, then go with the Boda bag. If comfort and style are important, then go with the Shootsac. For weddings where you NEED to be efficient, the Boda bag is probably a better consideration for you. (I seriously hate rifling through the Shootsac for stuff.) For portrait and engagement sessions, the Shootsac is a great bag.

Do you know any other great bags? Do you have Kelly Moore’s bag? Jill-E? Epiphanie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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