Giveaway!!! Photographer Wall Display Guides ends 8/15

This week we’re giving away the Photographer’s Wall Display Guide which is a Photoshop template system that uses clipping masks and images of real room interiors to help you create amazing examples of wall displays for your clients. They were created by photographer Ariana Falerni, better known as mommy / photography blogger “becoming-mom.”

I was inspired to create the photographer’s wall display guides when my friend Sara hired me to take images for her new children’s boutique.  After the shoot, we had picked out her favorite images but when I asked her what sizes she wanted to order and how she was going to display them she said “I don’t know, what do you recommend?”

Truth is, I had NO idea!!! I knew that whatever it was, we would need to SEE it before ordering it, as there would be a significant amount of investment, we needed to get it right.  And that’s how the photographer’s wall display guides were born. How can we possibly expect our clients to know how to put a wall display together if we can’t?  How can we expect them to order a wall display if we don’t show them how amazing they will look using THEIR images to show them:

Elizabeth Halford reviewed the Photographer’s Wall Displays on her website last week and she phrased it as help your clients “Picture their Pictures” which I loved. Because that’s exactly what these do. There are other guides on the market that use sketches, but the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides use real room images to take the guesswork out of everything.   One your clients have pictured their pictures in this gorgeous way they are much more likely to be interested in purchasing large wall prints and canvases. Which after all is the goal – we want to make it easy for the client to say yes, I NEED that gorgeous wall display you put in the end of my gallery to go above my couch:

We’ve all had that client who thinks that an 8×10 is a “large print.”  Because I’ve not only included groupings but also single image sizes, you can very quickly do a blog post, or prepare a comparison showing an 8×10 vs a 30×40 above a couch, or a fireplace and show them just how minuscule that 8×10 or even 11×14 is when hanging alone over a couch. How can they possibly want this:

once they’ve seen this?

Here are some additional product features, and I’ve also created a behind the scene’s video tour to which can be viewed at:

  • Valuable discounts included in the product download (including 50% off a gallery wrapped canvas.)
  • The only wall display template that uses REAL room interiors.
  • Single canvas AND matted frames – 6 sizes from 8×10 through a 30×40!
  • 9 Canvas AND  4 framed wall groupings offer a wide variety of display options to choose from
  • Easy to use clipping mask functionality in Photoshop.
  • Many of the canvas groupings used are available at a discount as  “Wall Display Packages” from ProDPI or Gallery Wrap Collections from MpixPro.  Pass that extra savings on to your client to encourage even more sales!
  • Bright, fresh, modern home interiors – no imagination needed!
  • Images sizes are from 1300 pixels to 1500 pixels wide (at 72 dpi) allowing for room to crop closer in if desired before resizing for your typical gallery image or blog image size.
  • The couch and the chair have more than one background to choose from. Select the one that best suits the images or just the one you like best!
  • The color and width the frames can be changed by simply clicking on the stroke effect on the mat & frame layer.
  • There is a “turn up the lights” levels layer that will brighten the whole background a bit.
  • Each image within a group is clearly notated using a easy number system for quick identification. Simply toggle off the number “guide” layer once you are finished placing your images.
  • Each guide is scaled to the same ratio. This will enable the purchase of additional groupings (which I plan on developing) as an add on that will work with all three vignettes.
  • The ratio is simple enough to make customizing or even creating your own canvases and frames so easy! Make sure your ruler is visible in photoshop and simply right click (or option click on a mac) and select “pixels” as your unit of measurement. 10 pixels = 1 inch!

As photographers, we all know that pictures are worth a thousand words, but for some reason we’ve left this important concept up to the client’s imagination.  The photographer’s Wall Display Guides help you show your clients the possibilities. You can’t sell what they can’t see, so I hope to help you show them!

I have priced these at $50 each for the couch, the chair or the fireplace template, but for a limited time am offering an introductory price of $40 each or $85 for all three.

Even better, I’m giving one away right here! But if you just need to have these RIGHT NOW, I’m also creating an additional 25% discount for Inspire Me Baby readers that ends at midnight EDT on Sunday, August 15th! Use the code “IMB” (without the quotation marks) at checkout.

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