Inspire: Hunk ‘O Burnin Love – Rockabilly Prego Session by Sassyfras Studios

Title courtesy of Sassyfras Studios. :) recently had an article that said that having a “sucky attitude” was the #1 marketing mistake that will kill your online business. Why is this relevent to Sassyfras Studios? Because I think one one can accuse them of having a “sucky attitude.” When I e-mailed them to tell them I would like to feature their session today, they did a blog dance and somehow I know they’re doing one for you too.

When you look through these photographs, I’m sure you’ll not only love the rockabilly themed session but also the use of off-camera lighting. Plus, there’s nothing more wonderful than seeing a session that reflects the personality of the clients. Happy Friday everyone!

From Sassyfras Studios: We were able to shoot his mom Davina, a funky hairdresser, and dad Jeff, who works on tattoo magazines, at a really cool organic food store {The Bradford Store} in Huntersville NC.  Memphis is named in honor of Jeff’s dad who LOVES Elvis.  The car shown was Jeff’s.  Davina and Jeff met at a concert in which Jeff was the drummer.  I just love this couple’s energy and fun spirit, because they were just so fun to photograph.  We were suppose to photographer Baby Memphis this week, but he has been put in the hospital, and is having surgery this week due to complications with his bladder.

Tips from Sassyfras Studios:

I think for me, photographing a soon to be mom and dad should showcase their individual sense of style and also their Love.  We get so excited {as women} being able to show off that love between an adorable couple, and think that it should definitely not be all about the mom.  We also are not studio girls.  We feel that to make “naturally beautiful” pictures you need to put them in a natural element.  Before we do a prego shoot we massively interview them, and get to know them as a couple.  I feel that capturing a couples “essence” is very important, so that when someone else looks at those pics they feel like they know a small part about that couple.   Jeff and Davina had stressed to us that they wanted to seem as though they had stepped out of their car and were just having a natural romantic day together, and that is why we chose this particular theme and location for their session.

Here are a few tidbits of info to remember about Prego sessions:

1. It is not all about the mom.

2. Capture the essence of their love in a natural way (aka no floating heads on black backdrops)

3. Accentuate that mom’s curves… their is nothing sexier than a prego woman. P.S. she wants to look sexy

4. Think outside of the box… In our case, we love to  tell a story about the couple.  Also look for the unexpected prop, something that you would not necessarily think about, but will make a big impact.  We have all seen the blocks on the belly, and though there is nothing wrong with that, you want your clients and viewers to be caught off guard by your new creative ideas.

5. Details… details… details… Hey did I say details?

6. Know your clients and plan out the shoot before they show up, so their shoot will not be generic.

7. Once you have planned the session, help guide them to right outfit choices prior to the session. There is nothing worst than matchy matchy outfits, that don’t fit the look you are trying to achieve.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask your mom-to-be to do crazy things. If she respects your sense of style, she will trust your CRAZY ideas.

9. Sit back and let your clients have a moment… Once I put them into a pose I let them feel as if they are the only people around, and let them know it is ok of talk, kiss each other & look around… that is how we get a natural shot.

10. Be Crazy, and personal with clients… The biggest compliment I have ever received was after meeting a bride on our first coffee date. She told us that she felt as though she could sit in her underwear with us for hours.  If you can get them to feel comfortable with you, the shoot will be peachy keen!

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