Inspire: Newborn Session by Jason L. Powell Photography

Happy Monday everyone! If you’re still learning how to photograph newborns (like me), you’ll appreciate Jason L. Powell Photography‘s tips at the end of this post along with his equipment and camera settings from the session. Don’t you just love the dramatic use of light and how simple and clean these photographs are? Using dad’s firefighter helmet and great-grandmother’s handmade blanket was a wonderful way to add props that were sentimental to the parents.

Tips from Jason L. Powell Photography: This was a great newborn session! Baby Madelyn was a joy to work with. She was just a few days old at the time of the session. My goal is to schedule newborn sessions before the baby is 10 days old to achieve the curly, sleepy poses. Light was a major factor the day of the session as I shoot using all natural light. We ended up making it a two day session because we ran out of light in the clients home… Keys to this successful session were a full belly, two large space heaters and a noise maker! The space heaters are MAJOR!

This was a special session for the parents. It was their first baby! I have a large arsenal of props but also like to incorporate “tasteful” props supplied by the parents that have sentimental value! They were not short on wonderful props! Dad was a NYC Fire Fighter and wanted to use his helmet. It was a challenge getting it to work but we got it! The parents also supplied the pink hat and the wonderfully textured cream blanket that was hand made by baby Madelyn’s Great-grandmother!

Camera gear is simple for me. I use the Nikon D700 and use the 50mm 1.4 G for all of my images. The detailed images are taken care of with the 60mm 2.8 G Micro.

// By Jason L. Powell Photography //