Inspiration of the Week // Silhouettes

A maternity session is all about showing shape and one way to accomplish that is by creating a silhouette, as in this gorgeous example by MPH Photography. If you’re looking to create a silhouette, remember that your background has to be brighter than your subject with little light falling onto your subject itself. The most important thing to remember is to be mindful of the shape you are creating. Make sure you have a clearly defined shape that doesn’t merge into other objects. Keep your composition simple with your horizon low in your frame. To expose, fill your frame with the sky and then meter.

From MPH Photography: One of my most favorite type of sessions, is a sunrise maternity because not only do I get to capture a woman in the most exciting time of her life but I also get to capture her just as the morning sun rises to greet the day. The colours are brighter and more alive and you can feel the birth of a new day, much like you can feel the love and anticipation the mom to be has as she waits for her child to enter this world.

We do have to get up extra early but its well worth it and the images in the end are magical. There’s something about a pregnant woman and morning light that go so well together.

// By MPH Photography //

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