Giveaway!!! MCP Actions’ Bag of Tricks Photoshop Action Set Ends 10/10

I’m thrilled to be able to give away MCP Actions’ Bag of Tricks ($99.99) which I use on a regular basis (and bought long before MCP Actions became a sponsor of the site). These are my own photographs using MCP Actions’ Bag of Tricks. I tried to show a variety of photographs (baby, portraits, and weddings) to show how you could use them for different purposes. For more examples, please visit the product page.

Magic Midtone Lifter, Magical Clarity, Magical Contrast, Magical Color Finder, Magic Seesaw

Magic Midtone Lifter, Magical Clarity, Magical Contrast, Pot of Gold

Magic Midtone Lifter, Magical Clarity, Magical Contrast, Pot of Gold


Would you like to work magic on your images? Now you can with the Bag of Tricks Photoshop actions collection!

You will have more than 25 Photoshop actions up your sleeve to transform each photo into a work of art. With these actions you can:

  • get rid of color casts
  • fix skin tones
  • whiten whites
  • reduce shine on subjects
  • make skies bluer
  • turn grass greener
  • paint on vivid colors
  • have proper exposures
  • make studio backdrops true blacks or whites
  • slim your subjects, and more!

This Photoshop action set is compatible with:

Photoshop CS5, Photoshop CS4, Photoshop CS3, Photoshop CS2

The Bag of Tricks Photoshop Actions set includes the following:

  1. Basic Exposure Tricks: Magic Light, Magic Dark, Magic Midtone Lifter, Magic Recovery, Magic Fill Light, Magic Dynamic Range
  2. MCP’s Crazy Contrast Tricks: Magical Contrast, Magical Clarity
  3. MCP’s Magical Color Finder Brushes: MCP’s Magical Color Finder Vivid, MCP’s Magical Color Finder Intense
  4. MCP’s Global Color Correction Trick: Magic See-Saw
  5. MCP’s Skin Tricks: Reflected Color Cast Vanisher, Shiny Skin Vanisher, Orange Skin Vanisher, Blue Skin Vanisher, Sunburn Vanisher
  6. MCP’s Magic Bleach: Color Safe Bleach, Bleach Pen
  7. MCP’s Outdoor Illusions: Sky is Bluer Illusion, Fake Blue Sky Illusion, Fake Sunset Sky Illusion, Lake Michigan Sunset Silhouette, Grass is Greener Illusion 1, Grass is Greener Illusion 2, Pot of Gold
  8. MCP’s Studio Magic Spells: Studio White Bright Spell, Studio Black Drop Spell,
  9. MCP’s Body Magic Presto Digital Diet

Do one, or a few, or all!

1.Visit the Bag of Tricks product page and tell us which action is your favorite!

2. “Like” MCP Actions on Facebook

3. Tweet about our giveaway with a link!

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5. Post about our giveaway on a photography related forum.

Come back and comment here that you’ve done so – each entry requires its own separate comment. You can enter up to five times total.

Giveaway closes on Sunday, October 10 at 6:00 a.m. PST. Comments are numbered the order they were received. Winner is chosen via Random Number Generator.

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