Inspire: Maternity Session by Scarlett Bowling Photography

You see a lot of sessions in general photographed in the woods/forest/area with a lot of trees ;) but I think this is the first time you’ll see a session where the clothing and styling match the actual woodsy feel. This maternity session by Scarlett Bowling Photography exudes a “camping” vibe because of the clothing. It works because it’s simple, not-over-the-top, and photographed well. Next time you’re photographing in the woods, think about how you can make your clients look like they were meant to be there. ;)

By Scarlett Bowling Photography: I was so excited to finally meet Sierra, Dane and her cute little bump in Maine this past weekend.  Sierra and I have been internet “friends” for the past year so I felt like I sort of already knew her and her cutie pie husband.  She is an amazing photographer whose work I have admired for some time (check her out here Sierra Kristen Photography), so when we started chatting back and forth a few months ago about doing some sessions with one another I was super excited, think GIDDY.  I was also nervous because I had never shot another photographer before so I knew it would be a little bit of a different experience for both of us.  But the minute they stepped out of the car the nerves were gone, they were both sweet as can be and I really just started to feel like I had known them forever.  I knew it was going to be such a fun shoot. We had been worried about the weather (as many of you know Maine can be a bit unpredictable in November, or pretty much any other time of the year too).   As we started we just hoped and prayed the rain would hold off… and it did. :)   It was on the chilly side (think forty degrees and super windy at times), but Sierra and Dane were total troopers and in it for the long haul (did I mention I now LOVE shooting other photographers???).  Not only were they so great and fun but Sierra knew exactly how to pose herself and was a total natural on the other side of the camera (and so was Dane, he was so great, you guys!).  I do have to mention at times I felt like I was doing an engagement session because they are so in love, that new, fresh, crazy love you have for each other in the beginning (except that they have been married for years!).  They have that and more.  If you could see the way he looks at her, between shots when no one is paying attention, it absolutely melted my heart.  They have the kind of love people hope and pray for and with the new addition of their sweet baby girl this winter they are pretty much reaching perfect family status. :)  Anyway, the moral of the story is I loved them, I loved this session, I pretty much want to move next door to them and become best friends, barbeque, watch the kids play out back, the whole nine yards. :)

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