Inspire: Birth Photography by Scarlett Bowling Photography

If we receive a submission from a photographer who has already been featured, we try to space their featured sessions far apart from one another. Just last week we featured a maternity session from Scarlett Bowling Photography but we’ve only ever featured TWO other birth sessions back in June and August, so thought it was about time!

How many of you aspire to do more birth sessions? I know I definitely want to. The energy and the anticipation makes a birth session so rewarding and capturing an event beautifully without having any control of posing, lighting, etc. really challenges you. But in spite of these challenges, it CAN be done well! Using a high ISO and a wide aperture will give you more light without having to resort to using a flash (which will more than likely disturb the energy).

Remember to photograph the details and find a way to tell a story!

From Scarlett Bowling Photography: This was an amazing birth photography session as I BARELY made it in time racing from Maine to Boston to capture his first breath.  As I raced down 95 South I prayed that I would make it there in time. We have been there for each other so many times over the past 29 years, I couldn’t imagine not being there for her this night, the night she would meet her baby boy. When I rushed into the pitch dark room at 8:30 pm, I realized I had made it… barely. I gave hugs and reassurance of how proud I was of her (and her amazing husband, he really blew me away with what a great support he was to her), and then started snapping. With every image I captured I knew I was witnessing and documenting something so amazing, a miracle really. Within a few minutes, as the lights from Fenway Park shined in the distance, baby Will was here. I watched as he took his first breath, heard his first cry, and met his mom and dad for the first time. What a treasure, my heart was so full it felt like it might burst.

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