Inspire: Family Session by Kristen Duke Photography

When we were receiving submissions for your best of 2010 images, I would sometimes go to your websites and blogs and visit your beautiful photographs. This was how I found this family session by Kristen Duke, Tricia Dunlap, Katie Evans, and Heather Walker. This session is of Kristen Duke’s family who also styled the session. Along with a tripod, she gathered a handful of photographers who assisted in photographing the candid moments.

One of the wonderful things about this session is the styling and Kristen goes into detail about how she styled her own session below – going as far as to make her baby’s ruffle shirt. Be sure to look at the poses with the bike as well if you ever find yourself in need of some inspiration for a bike prop!

From Kristen Duke Photography: Hello!  My name is Kristen Duke, and I aim to capture joy in Austin, Texas. As a photographer, I had been scheming my family photo session in my head for months!   I knew I wanted the vintage feel, and planning our wardrobe took a major orchestration for my size family.  I knew I wanted to have a touch of charcoal grey on each person.  I then wanted each of us to have a different pastel color to still make it colorful and fun, with multi layers for that added texture.  I even made a night before photo shoot run to good will and found pastels for my boys because they weren’t selling them in the fall. I also made my babies’ ruffle shirt.  I really wanted the more lifestyle casual feel, and had ideas to capture cuddle time and made the quilt specifically for the shoot. I am blessed to have a great network of photographer friends in my city and we swap shooting for each other.  We then get to edit our images to our liking.  It works out perfectly!  My friends Tricia Dunlap, Katie Evans, and Heather Walker get the credit for the candid images while my tripod gets the credit for our posed with the bike shots.  I think it is SO important as a photographer to know and understand what your clients are experiencing in preparing for a session as well as enduring a session.  It is tough work!  My oldest was sick when my friends came along (look closely, you can tell) that’s why I did a few with the tripod a few days later.  I had to just let it go and try to be ok with it, even though on the inside I was bummed about it.  I am also a big advocate of being IN pictures with your own family, and not just taking their pictures.  I hope this can inspire others to a) make local photographer friends to swap with b) get in family portraits yourself c) attempt to orchestrate the perfect portrait ensembles d) go with the flow no matter what happens in your session.  See more from this shoot here.

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