Guest Blogger: Rock Your Maternity Portraits by Elizabeth Grace Photography

elizabeth grace photography is a custom portrait studio serving Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding metro area specializing in fun, fresh, artistic and intimate portraits of bellies, babies, children and those who love them. You can also find elizabeth grace photography on facebook.

Who says “sexy” and “pregnant” don’t go together? After years of photographing expecting moms, I am continually amazed at the beautiful, glowing, curvy, sexy, hot mamas that step in front of my camera, and these wonderful women come in all shapes and sizes!

When expecting moms come in to my studio, they’re always a little nervous.  Many of my clients are first-time moms who are about to be photographed baring skin for the first time in their lives.  As a maternity photographer, it’s my job to make them feel secure and beautiful and bring out their glowing best in front of the camera!

I always start with the moms “dressed” in front of my camera, whether this is a cute pair of jeans and a tank top, a favorite maternity outfit with some sexy heels or one of dad’s button down shirts.  Letting the moms get comfortable in front of the camera makes it so much easier for them to drop articles of clothing as we progress in the shoot!  Moms usually warm up to the camera very quickly, and with encouragement from dad and compliments from me about how beautiful they look and how their skin is glowing, we can easily move to some more intimate shots.

Among other ideas, I usually recommend a trip to a favorite lingerie store to get a couple of special items for a maternity shoot.  (I know, I know…there is no maternity section!  But, with all of the choices, moms can easily find some non-maternity options that will help you rock your maternity portraits and show the sexy side of pregnancy!).  While some of my moms are fully comfortable going “au naturel” at their maternity shoots, many moms prefer to have a little coverage in front of the camera.  For those moms, a lingerie set may be a perfect choice!  Victoria’s Secret, as an example, has some wonderful items in their sleepwear collection that are open across the belly and come as a set with underwear.  These sets are a perfect choice for moms who want to show their bellies in a fun and sexy way while still maintaining some coverage in front of the camera.

If your clients would like to show a little more skin, a pair of sexy underwear is a great option.  The belly remains the focus of the image, the underwear lends a sexy, artistic touch and mom or dad’s arms can be used to provide coverage across the chest if desired.  The choices are endless here!  Many moms will choose a pair of underwear in the traditional pinks for a girl or blues for a boy, and you can never go wrong with a crisp white or classic black.

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