March 7th, 2011

Giveaway!!! Online Flash Course from The Speedlight Workshop

I started the Speedlight Workshop a few months ago so that photographers could get over their fear of using flash and using flash off-camera. This week, we are giving away either our Basic Flash Workshop or our Off-Camera Flash Workshop.

Done right, you could use off-camera flash for your baby sessions where there’s not a lot of light:

You won’t have to worry about the lighting in your client’s home anymore.

Or to add some drama to your senior photographs (she’s really 20 and in college but who’s counting?):

Or, if you want to just be more comfortable with what you’re doing with your flash ON camera, join us for the basic workshop.

Your choice of:

(a) Our Basic Flash Online Workshop beginning April 21, 2011. You will need a flash for this course.


(b) Our Off-Camera Flash Online Workshop beginning April 7, 2011. You will need a way to fire your flash off-camera for this course.

Save $20 off the Off-Camera Flash Online Workshop beginning April 7, 2011 using the code: IMB

Do one, or a few, or all!

1. Comment and tell us whether you’d like to join our Basic Flash Online Workshop or our Off-Camera Flash Online Workshop.

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Come back and comment here that you’ve done so – each entry requires its own separate comment. You can enter up to five times total.

Giveaway ends on Saturday, March 12 at 11:59 PM PST (MIDNIGHT). Comments are numbered the order they were received. The winner will be chosen via Random Number Generator.

Inspire: Newborn Session by Wendy L. White Photography

You are so going to love Wendy L. White Photography for giving us a pullback of how she did one of her poses – oh and the newborn photographs are gorgeous: simple and sweet and wonderful use of props.

From Wendy L. White Photography: This little sweet pea was a little over 6 pounds and 5 days old. While I was shooting, I was talking to mom about different poses. She saw a shot I did of another baby with a football and Dad perked up at this point. He wanted to go to the store to get a football. I told him that he had plenty of time, go ahead! Well, we kept shooting, Dad came back 30 minutes later with a football. And 2 basketballs. AND a dozen baseballs and a basketball net! I love it when Dads get involved. I made sure I used as much of dad’s “props” as I could. This little man was a hand lover – he even had a mark on the top of his hand from sucking on it in mama’s tummy! This made the football shot a little tricky. He wanted his hands right in front of his face, so when I got him into position, he wasn’t stable. I am all about SAFETY FIRST, so I let dad support his head a bit so that he could lean more to get him away from his hands. Then, I used my clone tool and paintbrush to remove dad from the picture. There are times when they can rock this pose with no help, but if you don’t feel like they are 100% steady OR if you are new and learning, I strongly suggest that you do a composite for the head on hands pose. Makes NO difference in the final product, so be safe!

// By Wendy L. White Photography // Follow on Facebook //