Inspire: 4 Year Old Session by Chubby Cheek Photography

This is one of the cutest ideas I’ve seen – a portrait session of a 4 year old by Chubby Cheek Photography utilizing simple props that tell a story. Chubby Cheek Photography does a great job photographing the overall scene in addition to some really great details shots.

Chubby Cheek Photography shares her “All About Me” session details below – a must read to see how she executed the overall idea!

From Chubby Cheek Photography: I recently launched a new type of session for my clients that is a more personalized, more customized version of a styled shoot, called an “all about me session.” Styled shoots are all the rage for wedding photographer right now and since i do not shoot weddings or couples I put my own spin on this concept to cater to my client base, of children and kids.

One of the best things about having children is seeing the world from a whole different perspective: colors are brighter, sugar is sweeter, you live and love with abandon, and jumping off the front porch step seems like you just jumped off the empire state building. The best part is all of these things, those views, that perspective… it all changes every year as they grow up right in front of our eyes. I decided to capture it for my clients.

Tips for styling a session like the “All About Me” Session:

1.  Props should come from the client.
If their child really loves something they should have the props to make it happen or you should be able to make simple props to use.  For example, for the session below the client brought the telescope and all of the planets. The props came from their son’s room.  I made the stars 20 minutes before the shoot with foam shapes, glitter glue and string.

2.  Set up the expectation of the outcome.
This type of session may not typically yield a large print to hang above the mantel, but will most likely make a fabulous album, or even unique bedroom or playroom decor.

3.  Expand on the idea.
If the child loves trains, create a train conductor themed shoot or if she wants to be on American Idol when she grows up create a rockstar shoot. Remember not to venture too far outside of the box of the child’s original idea or you will lose their interest.

The point of the “all about me” session is to bring the child’s dreams to life, to document the child at this moment as they really are… this is A LOT OF FUN, ALL FOR THEM, and ALL ABOUT WHO THEY ARE right now at this very moment!

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