5 Reasons To Consider a (Non Flash) Website / Blogsite

I’ve had a flash site for a number of years and while I loved the sleekness of it, I decided to lose my flash site and build off of WordPress. A beautifully done flash website can definitely be done but these are the reasons why I personally made the switch:

1. A Seamless User Experience

Having visited a lot of photographer’s websites – it seems like it’s only our industry to have a splash page, combined with a flash portfolio, and a WordPress/Blogger blog. While it’s a minor thing, as a user, I appreciate a seamless user experience on your website. A user should be able to find your Facebook link without having to visit your blog. A user shouldn’t need to go back to your splash page to find your client log in link. When it comes down to it, making everything easier to find and easier to navigate is always a plus.

For a beautiful example, check out Add to Heart‘s website.

If you do have a flash site, make sure a potential client or client can find links without ever having to click off the page they’re on.

2. A Seamless Admin Experience

It’s definitely easy for me to make changes to my website under one administration panel. I used to have to change my splash page, my portfolio, and update my blog three different ways. While this is a small change, having control of my entire website in the same area makes life a little easier for me.

3. iPhone / iPad Friendly

While some photographers’ websites offer an HTML version, a lot of photographers don’t. As more and more people are beginning to use iPhones and iPads to surf, people aren’t going to think twice about hitting the back button when a website doesn’t load because of a lack of flash. All parts of your website should be accessible.

If you do currently have a flash site, make sure you take advantage of the HTML mirror site some of them provide.

4. A Little More Unique

As a photographer, you can recognize when someone is using a flash photography template. A potential client who has perused a number of photographers’ websites is likely to be able to too. While they probably would not be able to say, “Hey, this is a Bludomain site,” they probably WOULD be able to say, “Hey, this website looks the same as the other one.”

5. More Control

With the flash template I used to have, I was limited to two external links and I was not able to customize my menu like I wanted. My whole website is now WordPress based and I can customize my links and menus the way I want. I can also install plugins and forms to make my client’s life easier. And honestly, I didn’t like the fact that I had to contact my flash template provider every time I wanted to make a change to a font or needed support.

Has anyone else made the switch? Share your website in the comments! Do you have a beautiful flash site? Share that too!