Inspiration of the Week: Posing Senior Guys

In all of the features we’ve done since we started Inspire Me Baby, I don’t think we have EVER featured a senior boy session. For those of us who struggle with posing, here is some inspiration from Sara Welch Photography.

Sara shares some really great tips about posing senior boys below, so be sure to check them out! For me, posing ONE person is more difficult than posing a couple. Does anyone else feel the same way?

From Sara Welch Photography: Senior guys can be a little scary at first.  After all, how many different ways can you pose a guy?  I’ve found its actually easier than you think!

First, find out what they like.  What are their hobbies, interests, extra-curricular activities?  If there is something they are really in to, incorporate it into the shoot.  It really makes it more personal and fun for them.

Tell them to relax and just be themselves.  What I mean is, if I’m having him stand somewhere, I tell him where and ask him to just get comfortable.  Put his hands in his pockets, but naturally.  Some guys put them in the front pockets, some the back. Some just put their thumbs in, some the whole hand.   I think this is even more important for guys to keep them looking authentic.

For some guys, what works really well is to tell them to be very serious.  No, really serious.  Then wait for it and they will usually crack up laughing at you. Now careful, because there are those theatrical guys that will take that and give you utter stoic serious.  If you have one of these you can just cut to the chase and ask for the GQ vibe.  They’ll totally know what you mean!  Or ask them for their fake laugh and they’ll give it to you.  But usually the serious thing works wonders, and breaks some ice!

Keep them talking.  Talk about college, what’s going on at school, sports, their interests.  If they have a hobby you’re incorporating ask about how long they’ve done it, etc etc.

Here’s some go to ways to change up your posing:

  • Hands in pockets (front, back, just thumbs)
  • Arms folded and lean against wall (they will always love this because it accentuates their biceps!)
  • Arms propped on knees (vary it with arms folded, hands folded, arms crossed loosely)
  • Leaned back against ledge
  • Crouched in “catcher’s position (you can shoot this as a close up from above with a soft smile and they will be instantly dreamy!)

// By Sara Welch Photography //

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