Inspire: 2 Year Old By Amanda Green Photography

It’s amazing how many different angles and photographs you can take of just a child with a chair in the grass. This series of photographs by Amanda Green Photography reminds us to photograph all details as well as different expressions.

You can never go wrong with simple and clean images.

Below, Amanda shares some wonderful tips for photographing your own child, “the photographer’s child.”

From Amanda Green Photography:

To take pictures of my own daughter, who has the photographers child curse, can be very difficult! For the first 2 years of her life, she had no interest in smiling or even looking at me with a camera in front of my face. Sigh… I don’t blame her.

I learned very quickly that capturing a cheesy smile or even a glimpse at the camera is not always a guarantee with all kids, especially if they are hungry, tired, mad, etc. So here are some tips I would recommend for getting a good picture of these types of children :)

1. Give them a prop to play with. This can be their favorite toy, a new prop (flowers, rocks, chairs, etc..), food (who doesn’t like to have pictures of their child getting totally messy with food?).

2. Be accepting of those types of photos where your child is NOT looking at the camera. I personally LOVE and have those pictures hanging on my wall, not the “CHEEEEESE” grin ones. Be willing to walk away from the camera and not get your “shot” because the more you push, the more the child will back off.

3. Entertain! When dealing with a child who doesn’t want their picture taken, I can really go to extremes to get them to look at me: weird noises (sneezing, coughing), having a prop close to the camera that perks their interest, etc. Make a fool of yourself :)

4. Lastly, catch your child doing what they love to do the most: whether it’s watching their favorite TV show, eating a snow cone on a hot day, or splashing in the bathtub. Your guaranteed to get some great shots while they are having the most fun and who doesn’t like those “candid” shots?

// By Amanda Green Photography //

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