Inspire: Easter/Spring Session by Cloud Dust Photography

This session by Cloud Dust Photography is probably one of the best Easter/Spring inspired sessions that I’ve seen. Stacy manages to create a classic and vintage Easter session without looking cheesy. Well thought out and beautifully executed, the styling really feels timeless. I hope you are inspired by the processing, clothing and props.

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From Cloud Dust Photography: I wanted to share this session to show that there are ways to have themed shoots without them being “cheesy.”  I struggled a bit when I decided to do a live bunny shoot.  How could I use bunnies and end up with shots that didn’t yell “HAPPY EASTER”?  First, I decided on location. Since I was doing mini sessions, I knew I needed a place that would accommodate a few hours of shooting with good light.  I chose an old historic house with a little front porch, and with the sun setting to the side of the house, I got the great light I needed.  After deciding on location, I needed to decide which props that I would like to use. To me, less is more so I picked out items that worked with my surroundings; my favorite being a couple of oversized straw hats.  I didn’t need any little white picket fences or plastic eggs… just the kiddos and a few sweet bunnies.

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