Inspire: One Year Old Fraternal Twins Session by France Photography

If you don’t know who France Photography is, head on over to her website and check out Kelli’s work. Also the owner of Francy Pants Academy, Kelli offers mentoring and workshops as well as business templates.

We don’t feature enough twin sessions (and I know you have clients who have twins!) so I hope you find this post helpful and inspiring. Be sure to read Kelli’s tips below the photographs.

Check out this video too!:

Colin, Corinne & Chyera ~ France Photography from Kelli France on Vimeo.

From France Photography:  I love to do indoor sessions with children at their home because that is where they are the most comfortable (and because it’s so darn cold here in Colorado!)  I think it’s so important that you have the child doing something otherwise they will get bored. So I get the kids to talk to me, crawl to me, tell me jokes, show me their toys, jump on the bed, or play with their cat.  I also think kids are much better when Mom or Dad aren’t around. For this session, there was the Mom, the caretaker, big sister and then myself and my videographer all trying to get their attention and it was just too overstimulating for them. I quickly kicked everyone out of the room so that it was just myself and my videographer working with them. They cried for about 5 seconds and then got over it from my distractions.  That’s when we got the best pics.

When I am in a client’s home, I am all about the light. We open every window possible and place the subject near the light source. If needed, we’ll put the child on the bed or have Mom hold him/her to near a window if the light source is too high for the child.

I am not against bribery in a baby/child session. In order to get the images of the little baby bums in this session, we gave the twins lots and lots of Cheerios. Worked like a charm!
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