Inspire: Father’s Day Inspiration by Gina Maxine Photography

We’ve featured some sessions by Gina Maxine Photography before, but with Father’s Day just around the corner, I hoped this session would give you inspiration for your Father’s Day sessions. This Star Wars theme was a perfect way to personalize a session and really, what dad wouldn’t love it?

From Gina Maxine Photography: Sometimes I like to take photos of my child with a theme that they enjoy right now.  My son is into Star Wars and playing with his lightsaber is a part of his daily life.  He has a big huge smile on his face every time he looks at these photos.  To get the lightsaber effect, all I did was get a brush in photoshop and painted in the light.  Then I made a layer mask and got another brush and painted over it with the red/blue color to make it look like it glowed.  When my son saw these, his eyes became so big that he almost believed that it really happened.  This could be a really fun Father’s Day gift too, wink-wink…

// By Gina Maxine Photography //

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