Inspire: Child Session By Cloud Dust Photography

This session by Cloud Dust Photography shows exactly what you can do with an idea and 10 minutes. I love sessions that show you don’t need anything complicated to create something fun and creative.

If you’ve ever photographed a session using a clothesline as a prop, please link to it in the comments!

From Cloud Dust Photography: I actually did the shoot to enter a contest for a free dress from Little Wellies… The dress worn in the pictures is from Little Wellies.  I found this gorgeous tree in a public location in my town.  The entire shoot was literally done is 10min.  The clothes pins ended up being a wonderful prop for Mae to hold and play with.  I hung all the dresses, and then took pictures of her taking them down, even though it looks like she’s hanging them up!  Details in this shoot made a big difference.  Like the plastic high heeled shoes, and the clothes pins around the top of the basket, as well as the title of the magazine.. :) One suggestion I have would be to move around and get shots from more then one angle. Sometimes we can forget to be creative in our shooting when we have a creative set up already, in fear that we might lose the set up in the shot.  Even if u really only have one direction to shoot due to backgrounds, make it work! I went to the other side of the tree limb and shot at a down angle as well.  You would never know that the free housing center in our town was right behind her at that point!

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