Review: Damien Symond’s Clean Processing in Raw Class

Disclaimer: Damien Symond’s Clean Processing in Raw class was provided to me free of charge in order to write a review.  I do my best to provide you with a fair and accurate review and opinions stated are my own.

Damien Symond’s Clean Processing in Raw Class

If you’re a photographer moving from JPEG to RAW and need help understanding the editing process with RAW photographs, then you should consider taking Damien’s class. A $75 class consisting of informational slides using Facebook as a platform, Damien walks you through what each slider in ACR/Lightroom does as well as help you understand basic RAW workflow.

If you want to try out the class, the first module is free.

Platform, Ease of Use, Support

The class is hosted on Facebook as a platform, so you have to be Facebook friends with Damien in order to gain access to the class. I’m not a huge fan of having to do this (even though Damien and I were Facebook friends before I took the class) but once I got into the class, I actually felt it was a great way to set up his class: you can see how many slides are in a module, you can see questions from other students as well as Damien’s answers, and since Facebook is something most people use, it was fairly intuitive.

To start, Damien sends you a message with the table of contents of the class as well as a PDF workflow chart (one of the best things about the class is the PDF chart you receive). You simply click on each link in the table of contents to get through each of the 11 modules.

Each module is well-written and easy to read. Damien writes in a conversational tone that makes even the most technical thing easy to understand. In addition to written modules, some have videos where you can watch Damien going further into the topic.

In addition, if you have any questions, Damien promptly answers all of your questions. Although I have yet to ask a question, he’s always been incredibly responsive to my e-mails.

The Class/Information Presented

For RAW shooters

Even if you’ve been shooting in RAW for a while and in general, have a pretty clean processing style, this class is a great way to fill in whatever gaps of knowledge you may be missing. For me, I’ve been shooting in RAW for as long as I’ve done photography professionally and it was really helpful for me to see how I should be editing my photographs: which order I should be moving the sliders in Lightroom and why. It was also helpful for me to see his ideas behind the “perfect white balance” and “perfect skin tone.”

So, even if you’re comfortable with editing RAW photographs, this class is a great way to reinforce ideas and fill in gaps of knowledge.

For Beginners

If you are a beginning photographer, this class is a MUST. Inspire Me Baby receives a lot of submissions for features that are supposed to be a photographer’s BEST work and you would be surprised at the number of submissions we receive that don’t have the basics down like exposure and/or color balance. Damien’s class is a wonderful way to understand the basics of editing RAW and in a sense, what a good, basic photograph should look like.

If you’re comfortable shooting with your camera and have a calibrated monitor, taking Damien’s class should be your next step to help you understand what you’re doing when you’re editing (in RAW).


The beauty of online classes is that you can do it when it’s convenient for you and Damien’s class is no exception. The materials are available to you for 12 months, which I hope is plenty of time to get through the class!

I was able to get through the modules in a day but now need to go back and take the time to apply the concepts I learned to my own RAW workflow.


Damien’s class is well-written and well-presented with a LOT of useful information without the fluff. The class in addition to being able to ask Damien questions, our “Photoshop master,” is definitely worth the $75.

For more information, please visit Damien’s website.






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