September 20th, 2011

Newborn photography session from Schaap Studios

Call it macro photography or close-ups, when a baby is only a few days or weeks old, there is but a brief time to capture the details of their flaky skin, downy hair and paper thin finger and toe nails. Newborn babies change and grow so much in a matter of weeks. This session from Schaap Studios captures these moments beautifully and I hope it inspires you  to record the details in all of your sessions — from newborns to seniors alike!

Message from Schaap Studios:

Baby Greyden was a very good client! He slept through the entire session and no matter how we maneuvered him, he never made a peep. Greyden was 3 weeks old when I shot him but being 4 weeks early, his size and temperament made for a great subject. His entire family came along to watch him be photographed and they were just as lovely as he was. We started in studio with the latest drop it MODERN backdrop called Greydient, perfect right?! The pewter stump was the ultimate prop for this setting. We then went into a near by corn field and displayed him in the most fabulous wood basket. The lighting was dreamy! This session was a breeze and I couldn’t be happier with the photos.

// Schaap Studios //

Photographing Kids Birthday Parties by Chubby Cheek Photography

Shalonda from Chubby Cheek Photography is back with another insightful contribution. Her previous article on Photographing Your Own Children is one of the most popular with our readers, and I’m sure you’ll find this one on photographing kids birthday parties equally helpful and inspirational.

Shooting Some Sugar – Photographing Kids Birthday Parties
birthday party
kids playing at party

christmas birthday party

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