Fall Apple Stand theme by Kristen Privett

This Fall Apple Stand by www.kristenprivett.com shows how a concept can be iterated upon to fit the season, the color palet and the family. The little details really make this session a great inspiration for fall family portraits.

Message from Kristen:

I was very excited for this session to come out of my head and into reality perfectly.  I have been inspired by a few lemonade stand sessions lately, but wanted something Fall  related to kick off the busy season.  I wanted to do something big, that made people excited when they saw it to schedule their own session.


I knew this family would be a perfect fit for this session from the get go.  I explained to the mom the apple stand idea, and she completely ran with it.  She was completely behind the color scheme and even made her daughter’s headband and the bunting for the stand!   I have worked with the mom, Charissa, before, and knew she had an etsy shop, http://www.etsy.com/shop/lulubellehats so I knew she was very talented and creative.


This session did take a bit of work.  I had to make the cupcakes because I wanted red wrappers, and the caramel apples were a bit time consuming as well.  But, the weather and location was beautiful, and it turned into a perfect Fall evening.


The kids had so much fun.  It’s always great to have a distraction for little ones, and I knew the daughter, Lucy, was only 16 months.  She was completely enamored with an apple the whole time.  It was also nice to have some cupcakes and juice to keep the boys (Matthew, 5 and Gavin, 3) happy until the end!


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