Child Portraits in the Studio by Pink Flower Photography

As many of our featured sessions impart,  less is often more.  These portraits from Pink Flower Photography showcase how a simple backdrop, a few well considered props and great light let a child’s personality shine through. As a bonus, Caitlyn shares a few details about her moveable studio. Please leave your feedback and questions below!


Message from Pink Flower Photography:
Creative Thinking Inside The Garage

Meet Liberty…a little girl full of spunk! During this session it was my first time working in my moveable studio, mixing both natural and artificial light. I am more of an on-location shooter but when the weather doesn’t cooperate; my studio is the next best thing.

My favorite part about this particular session was the simplicity. Whether you shoot professionally or as a hobby, an indoor studio like this can be easily achieved. This particular session was shot in my garage using a seamless backdrop, an open garage door, one Alien Bee light (this is optional), and my 50mm/35mm lenses. I also wanted Liberty’s personality to really shine through so I used very few props and let her run the show with laughter and giggles.

Although simplicity was key, I would like to caution on the lighting aspect. Natural lighting pouring through the garage gives beautiful catch lights but just like any outdoor session, it moves and changes. This causes the colors in the backdrop to shift and the lighting on client to also change a bit, so be aware of this as you shoot. With all this in mind, I would encourage any photographer to open their garage and see the possibilities of being creative.



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