Freebie: What to Wear | Mid-Winter

You asked for them and finally What to Wears are back!

This is one of my all-time favorite color combos! Even though the colors are cool, there’s something so warm and comfy about them. It makes me think of knit blankets, warm scarves and a hot cup of cocoa by the fire.

What I love about these outfits is that no matter who is paired up in the photo, the looks will complement each other without looking too matchy-matchy. It looks like a group that should be together.

Another great thing about these outfits is that they each have something that’s visually interesting (whether it be a pattern or a texture) without being overpowering. There’s nothing bland about the looks, but they still let the family shine.

Here’s a casual Mid-Winter look for you. You can download it without the logo here. You can also view the URL’s to the individual clothing items here.

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