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by Liz LaBianca

Prepare to be inspired!  No props, no poses …just  the authentic  beauty in the simplest and purest of forms. Inspire Me Baby is excited to give you a glimpse into the quiet brilliance of Meg Bitton Photography.

Who was your original inspiration when you started your business? Who inspires you now?
My first daughter was my original inspiration and continues to be my greatest source of inspiration, followed by my sons. Watching them grow and learn and change everyday has to be the most amazing thing I have ever experienced and to be able to document it is a gift beyond comprehension.

What was the hardest part of starting your own business? What do you wish you would have known?
I guess learning to show people that no one can do what I do was the hardest thing for me. Making people understand that every photographer has a special something to offer, and my potential clients want MINE. I wish I had known when I started that there is no finish line, that this journey is ever evolving.

Tell us about your favorite lens and why it is #1 in your camera bag over your other lenses.
My favorite lens is my 135mm f2. I prefer to work with longer focal lengths with children. I like to sit far away and speak softly. I myself prefer a lot of personal space, so I like to give that to everyone else. I am not a jump up and down, in your face photographer. The results from the 135 aesthetically are unparalleled, like an oil painting.

Manual Focus or Auto Focus
It depends. Usually AF, however I have a 50mm 1.2 that is MF, that may be the sharpest lens I have ever owned.

Meg Bitton portrait child

Photoshop or Lightroom – or both. How long does it take for you to get your proofs to your clients?
Both. It depends very much on the job itself how long it takes. I like to not go longer than 3 weeks.

With the demand for digital images on the rise – Do you sell your Jpegs?
I do sell .jpegs by the single file and then full collection.

How many photos do you typically take in a full session? How many do you edit and do you ever show your un-edits to clients?
I try to keep it around 200. I have evolved to shooting purposefully, not just snapping in the hopes that I get something. I edit between 20-30 and I NEVER show unedited images.

How do you handle Family and close friends who want to hire you? Do you offer any discounts?
I don’t have a large family so I have never run into that. All clients are treated equally whether they are friends or not.

How do you break the ice in the beginning of the session and get families to loosen up?
I dont. I let families interact with each other how they are used to. I am not a silly photographer and I am not a playmate for children. I am here to direct and do a job.

Do you have any tricks or tips that you want to share with us?
I just remember that whoever I am shooting has hired ME and for that reason I can provide them with what they want. The confidence comes from within. It has to.

If you weren’t a photographer – What would be your dream profession?
A labor and delivery nurse.

Seeing so many photographers burn out and quit their business – how do you avoid falling into that trap?
I love what I do. It is deep within my soul and I love to share it.

What would we be surprised to find out about you?
I am an avid knitter. I collect handmade dolls.

syd before after

For more inspiration and information about Meg, her workshops and her work, visit her Facebook page and Meg Bitton Photography.

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