Cake Smash Ideas and Advice from Andrea Mackey Photography

It’s been almost two years since our first post for tips for a successful cake smash so we were thrilled to receive this article from Andrea Mackey Photography and the gorgeous images that accompany it. If cake smash sessions are in your future, I know these tips are going to help. w1 w2 w3 w4 w5 w6 w7 w8 w9 w10

Cake smash sessions are a coming of age session for babies turning One and having their first taste of cake. They are so much fun and, if done right can result in beautiful images.

The cake:
Professional cakes make such a big difference to your session, if you can team up with a cake maker it will make a huge difference to the shoot. The wonderful cake maker that makes all of my cakes is Jamies Cakes.

Whatever you do, always make sure you have asked the parents beforehand if the baby has any known allergies, and I always go with a plain sponge or butter cake just to be safe. The while inside also looks much better in photos than Chocolate! Which can tend to look like… well… use your imagination. Another tip with the cake is to always use light fluffy icing that is at room temperature, if the icing is too hard or cold it won’t keep the babies attention. Light coloured icing is usually best (although bright coloured sprinkles and trim look fantastic) , and a colour you definitely want to avoid is red! which can look like blood once melted.

The set up:
I personally use vinyl backdrops for sessions like these, it can be easily wiped clean and is not as slippery as aper covered by perspex. As for decorations I will usually use a bunting to add colour, or maybe some balloons or streamers but ideally you want the baby and the cake to be the focus so don’t go too overboard.

The fun part:
When I do cake smash sessions I always do a studio session first in their birthday outfit. It helps to warm the baby up and gets them used to being photographed. Then, out comes the cake! Make sure you’re set up and ready to go with your camera before you have someone put the cake down in front of the baby!

If the baby isn’t too sure about the cake have mum put some icing in their mouth, they may not realise that it’s edible. You can also do a drumming with your hands on the ground in front of them- monkey see monkey do! Be sure to get some close ups too!

After the big mess is over I always run a bubble bath in a big tub for baby. It never fails to sooth an irritated baby and will give you another 10 minutes of so of shooting. Plus, it’s always nice to send a clean and happy baby home :)

Always remember to have mum or dad within arms reach at all times and a folded towel in the bottom of the tub will stop the baby from slipping.



Jamies Cakes –

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Nikon D700
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Natural light

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