Family Session in NYC by Emily Burke Photography

This is a really beautiful family session from Emily Burke Photography.  I love how the photographer has captured the emotion of the situation using backlighting. So much can be accomplished with simple settings, wardrobe and an old crate as a prop. Please leave feedback for Emily below!

IMG_4120 IMG_4249 IMG_4366copy IMG_4390 IMG_4428 IMG_4503 IMG_4591 IMG_4608 IMG_4652 IMG_4778

This session was photographed in Central Park in Mid-April. The husband is a musician and he had to be in NYC for a couple months to prepare for a 6-month World tour. The whole family came from California to explore NYC while he was working. It was a really emotional session for me as well as the family given he is going to be away for so long.

Light is key! Without great light, it’s hard to produce great photos! I shot this session during the golden hour in the evening. I backlit the subject and filtered the light using all the buildings and the trees.
Dealing with all different ages can be challenging. I find it easier if you don’t try and spend a lot of time posing, but back away and let them all naturally interact. If you do this, a lot of time it enables you to capture real emotion and connection between the family instead of wasting time telling them where to look or how to position themselves.

Canon 5D Mark II,
135mm 2.0
and the 85mm 1.2

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