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We recently received a lovely email from Martina Thalwitzer of Froken Fokus introducing us to a promotional video she created, uploaded and translated to English. I invited her to share her business approach and advice with Inspire Me Baby readers, and here it is! Enjoy!


Having worked as a photojournalist for newspapers and magazines for 9 years, I like the natural approach to portrait photography. Instead of posing too much, I try to let the people I photograph start doing things (playing, talking, hanging out) and I try to ”just observe” with my camera as much as possible. It is their personality I want to show in my photos, not my posing skills.

I mix that observing approach with some light interaction where I take their ideas and combine them with my own wishes regarding background and light. Especially children love having their ideas being listened to, so that makes me their instant best friend. In turn, they relax and feel confident and they don´t want the photo session to end.

Of course, this requires that I know everything technically very well, so that I don´t take my attention away from my subjects to fiddle with my camera. This also enables me to relax while on a photo shoot, something that is much harder when working under time pressure. The absence of time pressure is the reason I choose family sessions over weddings. Finally, my motto is to show ”inner beauty”. Meaning that if I focus more on the person behind the smile, he/she will feel that and let go of their insecurities about their appearance.


It is much harder to ”do the best with what you´ve got”, than being able to arrange everything the way you want it. It requires flexibility and knowledge, which takes practice. So get out there and start being a photojournalist, and make your photos tell a story. Everybody you photograph is unique, and that should show in your photos.

Sometimes parents want to direct their children todo certain poses at the photoshoot, which in my approach is a huge no-no in my opinion. This can be avoided by doing your prep work really well. I always have a (phone) meeting before even saying yes to the client, so that way we can see if we are ”right for each other”.

And sometimes the parents are just really nervous, so that makes them act that way. I just tell them to go and make out and relax and then everybody laughs and we are back in the game. :-)

This (silly) humor works in Sweden, of course you have to use your own judgement here…

Just wanted to share this amazing thing that happened last summer:

I photographed Anna and her family at the beach close to their house. Annas (and the familys)best friend had just passed away from cancer and she referred to her as their ”angel”. Anna had really realized that life is fragile and wanted to take some photos of the whole family at their beach.

The kids were super great and we had so much fun that evening.

It was first when I printed to contact sheet for the family to choose from, that I saw this photo. Annas friend was with us that evening and this photo means the world to her.

That kind of ”magic” only happens when you as a photographer just let things happen… :-)

About my business:

Fröken Fokus is Swedish and means ”miss” (as in unmarried woman) and Fokus means focus. The name is easy to remember for my clients and works really well.

I only shoot portrait sessions in the summer, the rest of the year I work with commercial and press photography and I run a small design studio where I do websites and graphic work for commercial clients. Also, this years ”fun project” is making album templates for my colleagues all over the world, so that project will launch this fall.  (only in Swedish so far)

On FaceBook ”Fröken Fokus”

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