Newborn Pullback by Bree Franklin

It is so interesting and rewarding reviewing all of the work our readers submit and whenever I see a pull-back, that session often heads to the top of our our publishing queue because it is so informative. This session by Bree Franklin Photography is a textbook example of making on-location natural light photography look so simple. The position of the bed in relation to the light, the newborn photography equipment, and the layout and composition, makes this not only a beautiful, inspiring session, but also an educating one. Many thanks to Bree! Leave feedback or questions and be sure to check out her website for more great work!

10 Week old newborn photography

10 Week newborn photo

10 Week newborn twins

newborn photography

sleeping newborn photo

newborn photo asleep

newborn photo asleep

newborn twins asleep

newborn Pull Back

newborn Pull Back

These little girls arrived four weeks early and had their photo debut at just 10 days old. I am an on location natural light photographer and try to utilize what light is available whenever possible. For these little ones I walked into the living room, looked to my left and was in awe of this beautiful northern light streaming in through the window. Bonus that the bed was in the perfect position to utilize it.

There were two photographers there which made this session flow smoothly. Diane from Dee Kay Photography and me. We switched up who did posing and who did the shooting and within three hours of arriving we were out of these (including set up and take down)! I highly advise having an assistant or second photographer but for twins it is a must.

Gear used:
50 1.4D

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  • Nice! I love Bree’s work & I love pullbacks. Thanks for sharing!


  • Absolutely love! I never in a million years would have thought to use a bed! Great idea!


  • Sarah

    Beautiful, and very clever.
    Can I ask what metering and focus you used ( especially for the twin shot.)Im still trying to get my head around it all…lol.


  • Pictures are amazing. Newborn shoots are the hardest but such a sweet pictures is a great reward for all that hard work.


  • Awesome job with these! Twin newborns can be so hard, but you make it look so easy! Seeing the pullback is also very helpful!


  • Beautiful, I love Bree’s work!! Thank you!


  • Bree great job one these… I wish I could photograph newborns :)


  • Gorgeous, and so lovely to see the behind-the-scenes!!


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