What To Wear | July 4th Inspired

For our non-USA viewers, you can just refer to this edition of What To Wear as Red, White and Blue inspired :)  But for the majority of us, Independence Day is this week and it’s time for a little inspiration on what to wear for your holiday photo shoots.

So the question is, how do you dress to show your patriotism without looking like an American Flag?  Well, we think we have at least one solution for you.  It’s more of a “Hey, I just now noticed that you’re wearing red, white and blue” feel instead of that “Hey there star spangled banner!” shock that leads to an awkward moment for everyone involved.

The wardrobe is inspired by Old Navy, Target, and Toms Shoes.  The use of the muted blues and gray undertones helps bring a healthy dose of subtlety to the patriotic palette.  You can download all the URLs for each item here.


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