2 Year Old Boy Photo Idea by Violets are Blue Photography

Nervous about an upcoming photo session with a two year old boy?  You should be.  They are little terrors.  But one thing that can help is following the cue fromViolets are Blue Photography and take the little guy out to his favorite place to be.  When he’s naturally happy it puts less pressure on you come up with the right tricks to keep his attention.  He’s playing; you’re working; everyone’s happy!


golf-1 golf-2 golf-4 golf-3 golf-5 golf-6 golf-7 golf-8 golf-9 golf-10

Mini Golf Session with 2 year old boy.

Before my sessions I gather up some of the child’s interests to plan the shoot around.
Pulling ideas from what inspires a particular child inspires me. It brings out their perfect smiles and special little things their parents love most about them.

When this little guys mom told me he loved his little golf set I instantly thought PUTT PUTT GOLF!!!
I will say I was a little nervous about his age. Most sessions I shoot of 2 year old I need be sure to wear some jogging shoes and get ready for a chase. :)
He did perfect!

Gear Used:
Canon 5d Mark iii, 50mm 1.4


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