Birth Session and Tips

 A big thank you to Cradled Creations for a very inspirational and tastefully done birth session!  She has also posted some great tips for photographing birth sessions.


Labouring Silent and Strong Pushing 10 cm with the support and love of a husband's gentle hand Success! (and sigh of relief) The paediatrician having fun examining the baby (and posing him!) Little feet Meeting his new brother Mother admiring her new son from afar little bundle breastfeeding New brother admiring the view from mommy's room (so far up!)

This was the most emotional and bonding birth I’ve photographed yet. After this mom (and fellow photographer) capture my birth so beautifully, I got the pleasure of returning the favour. She had a difficult pregnancy spent in and out of the hospital and hence we weren’t sure how her labour and delivery would look. Some of her specialists suggested the reality of a c-section and encouraged her to take an epidural from the beginning so they could control the labour better, but she wanted a natural birth and stuck to her guns. She stocked her birth team with (her husband, her aunt, her mom, her sister and myself) all people who would support her and encourage her to birth naturally, and she did it, proving many people wrong! Congrats on beautiful little Sullivan!

Gear Used:
I shoot with a Nikon D7000 and 35mm lens.

(1) No Flash! A labouring mother doesn’t want a flash to break her concentration when she’s pushing and she certainly doesn’t want a flash in her newborn baby’s eyes. So if you are in a dark room (which is very likely) get your settings right. Use a lens that lets in as much light as possible, and shoot at a high ISO (I set mine at 3200) Practice at home at night with only a corner lamp on. Can you take crisp images of a moving subject? Make sure you can before taking on clients.
(2) Predetermine your angles. Does the mom want photos of the baby crowning or does she want to show all photos to her father-in-law (in which case position yourself behind the mom so you can’t see nudity)
(3) Focus on the emotion. This is what birth photography is. Capturing the perfect moment when the real emotions appear, whether it’s joy, fear, frustration, laughter, boredom or relief. It’s the raw, real emotion that makes this type of photography unique, so have your camera focused and ready to snap at a second’s notice… no fiddling with settings. You have to know your settings before you go in!
(4) Have fun and enjoy the beauty of the event!


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