I love it when we get a session that makes us literally laugh out loud!  This session is one of them.  The last image (below) is just too great! :)  This is such a brilliant idea and the bonus cakesmash is awesome too.  If you haven’t heard of S18 Photography, you should definitely put them on your radar!


Super Archer archer4665-WM Super Archer Super Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Cousins!

This session was with my nephew for his first birthday. I actually had the idea of doing a “superhero” themed shoot months before this, and since I have a girl my nephew was my first choice! Since it was almost his birthday we decided to also do his cakesmash with a superhero theme also. His Dad has always been a Green Lantern fan, so when we found those little superhero briefs so were so excited! We covered boxes with brown paper and colored in fake “windows”. We just sat them altogether, but if I had to do it again I would try to hook them together some how. He kept knocking them over so we would have to re-stack often! He wasn’t too into the cake, but his older cousin was just waiting to get in on the action! So after we got enough of just him with the cake we put some “super briefs” on her and let her show him how it’s done! She was very excited about the cake, and he didn’t quite know what to make of her eating his cake. They had a lot of fun tough!

Gear Used:
Canon 5D Markii
Canon 100mm 2.8L
Lots of “super props”


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