The Sandlot

The potential of your sessions is unlimited when you can photograph a kid in his/her favorite environment.  It adds an element of authenticity that no prop in the world could ever substitute for!  This session by Twinflower Photography is living proof!  Could it be any more perfect?


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Having 2 boys of my own, I’m always aware of how many ideas, props, and clothes there are out there for little girls, and how few there are for boys. I’ve been wanting to do a session with my 5 yr old all summer before he started kindergarten, and I knew I wanted to incorporate some kind of a theme, but couldn’t find a ton of ideas out there. So I knew it had to come from an authentic place, it had to involve something he loved. I didn’t *just* want him to play dress up. He started T-ball this year and loved the game, so I started with that idea. Then we watched a movie that was set in the 1950s and it was about the Little League World Series. He loved the movie, and so I started gathering some props that reminded me of that era. A wooden bat, a fat-finger glove, and a pair of suspenders, a Kodak Pony 135, etc. I found a great old little league field in our area, and we headed out for some photos. It was a great time and there was no pressure….just fun!

Gear Used:
Canon 5DMkIII, Canon 35mm f/1.4L


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