Family Session with Niña and Cecilia

It’s very rewarding as a photographer to pause to take some time to photograph your own family.  It’s important to force yourself to do this even after you’ve done hundreds of sessions all year and the last thing you want to do is yet one more session.  It might help to go all out like Niña and Cecilia did here by picking out specific, fun outfits for everyone in the family!  It’s a fun way to get motivated to get your family in front of your lens.  Thanks to Niña.Cecilia { creative spark} for this awesome family session they shared with us!

Oh, and they even gave us a video!


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My sister and I photograph so many families each year, and now it’s my family’s turn! Choosing outfits for all of us was kind of a big deal. When do I have time browsing through clothes? Online browsing when everyone’s in bed! It was nice picking them out online and then all I had to do was purchase exactly what I picked out or something similar. I wanted an inspiration board so I put together one (call me crazy but it was nice to see if it would all come together!). The final outfits are from….

  • Blaine and I: Express
  • Lennon: Haddon & Co. (onesies) and Baby Gap (jeans)
  • Hendrix: Golubchick on Etsy (bowtie & suspenders), Baby Gap (shirt & shoes), and his jeans are from last year that I got at Baby Gap
  • Dylan: Gap Kids (tie & jeans), Old Navy (cardigan), VonMaur (shirt), and Children’s Place (shoes).

After we had our photo/video session, I can honestly say it was literally the best family session my family has ever had. Niña did a fabulous job capturing our family. Typically, I’m stressed because the kids aren’t cooperating (I somehow have lots of patience for other people’s kids but not my own)…the hubby and I are about to kill each other by the end of the session because I want to keep trying to get the kids to cooperate and he’s just over it… so pretty much it’s usually a disaster. Well, this year I told myself that I’m not going to stress. I told my husband that I just wanted to have fun. If we get a shot with everyone looking…great, but I was not going to count on it. I wanted more of us interacting..laughing. It was a cold fall day, but we had FUN even with snot running down everyone’s noses.
Here is the video of the photoshoot:

Gear Used:
Canon 5D Mark III
35mm 1.4L

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