Making Memories

These two beautiful sisters look like they have a lot of goofy fun together!  And Katie did a great job of capturing them in their essence.  I don’t typically think of the dead-time at the end of Fall to be a particularly photogenic time of year to do outdoor sessions but the effect of using some bright props and outfits really made for a gorgeous display here!


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I had such a fun time photographing these two little girls. It was a perfect example of capturing all those things you want to remember about being a sister. Reading books together, catching fireflies, and camping out. This was taken at the end of fall, since there was no color left anywhere we really drew alot of the attention to the props, keeping it soft and vintage looking.

Gear Used:
We kept this very simple shoot using a Canon 5D with an external 580 flash and a large reflector to catch som of te last light of day. Also LOVING the filters by Paint the Moon. AMAZING tool to have


// Katie Swanson Photography //

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