My goodness, some of these images are just downright magical!  Kudos to Lisa for exploring her town to find the perfect place for this session.  What a great way to find fresh inspiration Рshooting in new and unique locations.


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I always find that shooting in new locations inspires me. I just love discovering unique spots, especially when I find out they get great light to “play” with. These days my personal favorites are open fields when the light is just right. After driving by it almost daily, I finally drove down this almost hidden little road one day with a neighbor of mine. I was a little hesitant to go exploring on my own since I wasn’t sure how off the beaten path the little road was. We came upon a beautiful open field with perfect golden light. I knew immediately that this was where we had to do her upcoming session with her gorgeous school-aged girls that have more fashion sense than I do. She wanted to try the glitter shot too and it all just came together. However, I’ll admit the glitter shots definitely took some extra attempts. I learned quickly that blowing glitter and keeping a photogenic expression is not as easy as it sounds! :)

Gear Used:
Shot w/Canon 5d Mark II and 70-200 2.8


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