Photographing Your Own Family

If you’re new to photography and you’re wondering how to get started with photographing your own family/kids, then this post is exactly for you!  Brittany offers some great starter tips for photographing your kids right in your own home.  It’s easy, inexpensive, and looks bright, clean, and professional.  Those poor twins…three older sisters to fuss over them :)


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A great way to do a session in the winter is right in your own home. As a mother of 5 including a set of twin babies I knew I needed some fun pictures of the kids. It was getting too cold and I didn’t want to miss out just to wait for the right season. I decided to do some pictures in our master bedroom.
To do these kind of shots it is pretty simple.
1. Start by picking a room with the best lighting or waiting for the right time of day to get that lighting. That is definitely the most important!!
2. I opened all the curtains and made sure their was lots of light but not any sun spots on the bed.
3. Make sure the sheets are cleaned and the bed is made.
4. Make sure the night stands are all cleaned off {people definitely don’t want to see your clutter!}
5. If the clients don’t have a white bedspread or you think their bedspread is just too busy, you can even strip it down to just the sheets {Again make sure they are clean!}
6. Dress your clients in simple attire. I love white tank tops, onesies and jeans. {I didn’t have white for all my girls so I used light pink and blue too}
7. Start shooting! I started with a few poses I wanted promising the kids they could each pick a pose – their poses they picked turned out to be the best because they were all laughing as they were tickling and squishing each other on the bed. It was actually a lot of fun and was definitely the easiest photo shoot for me because I was forcing and smiles!!

Gear Used:
Nikon D700. Nikon 50mm 1.4. Natural light


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