Splish Splash | Bath After Cake Smash

A cake smash followed by a bubble bath session!  Genius!  After seeing how great these images turned out, I’d really love to see the cake smash part of the session too!  Meagan also gives us some great tips on how to do a session like this yourself.  Thank you, Meagan!


Miss H | 1 Year cake-smash-studio-pictures-jenks bathtub-bubble-photography-tulsa bubble-bath-cake-smash-south-tulsa-photo smile-baby-photographer-meagan-ready-tulsa baby-plays-in-tub-tulsa-photographer-copy baby-plays-in-cake-best-photographer-oklahoma-tulsa tulsa-photographer-meagan-ready DSC_6079-copy tulsa-photographer-meagan-ready1

This was such an incredibly fun session! I am working on a special stylized cake smash session for my clients. The bubble bath will be the extra goodie that tops the cake for this session. With the bubble bath and the cake smash our session was quite a bit longer than a normal baby session. As we know babies tire very quickly. We had enough activity between the more fun and “formal” pictures to the yummy cake and then the bubble bath to keep baby happy! I found wall siding from Lowes that I absolutely loved for the bubble bath portion of our session. I knew I wanted white (Pinterest inspired). I love that pure look with the bubble bath. For little boys I will use a metal galvanized tub on a darker floor. I found the vintage wash tub on Etsy. There are plenty on there and they are inexpensive compared to what is available in most prop shops. I have found them as little as $10 before shipping. A little rustic flair won’t hurt. After all they are vintage :). Get the oval shape for one year olds. It will be a very tight fit for a one year old in the circle bath. There was a bit of rust in the bottom of mine so I used a washcloth to line the bottom for baby to sit on. Now for the important part… the bubbles! I have searched high and low for a great bubble solution. I have tried every Pinterest solution known to mankind and I have not been successful on my hunt till recently I discovered left over wands from one of my kiddo’s birthday parties. The dollar wands from Walmart in the summer section work WONDERS for your bubble machine. I bought an inexpensive bubble machine from Walmart to use for this session. It has a fan so the bubbles actually blow out rather than up. You can find it for roughly $6.00 in the party section. I love bubbles for summer time and I have several more expensive bubble machines from Target, but believe me this is one of the best ones I have found for sessions. Most blow up into the air. I bought a few rubber duckies for this session as well. They were great for keeping baby’s attention and they make for a cute prop as well! It would be incredibly cute to do a few nakey shots with baby wrapped in a towel as well. This session may have been more fun for me than newborn sessions and newborns are sincerely my passion!

Gear Used:
My talent ;)
Nikon D700
50mm 1.4
Grey Card
Huge Reflector

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