Princess in the Poppies

Now this is impressive – three outfit changes, three scene changes, all in one hour!  That’s one of the most beautiful things about photography though; we are left with a perfectly put together moment in time, completely absent of all the anxiety that came immediately before or after the moment.  Thank you to JJM Photography for giving us a little bit of an inside look at how a session like this comes together!


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When this little lady’s mama approached me about doing a 2-year-old session for her daughter’s birthday, she was chock-full of ideas. Persnickety dresses, red poppies, and an ice cream “smash”…it sounded like a photographer’s dream. I threw in a few ideas of my own and suddenly we were facing a prop-filled, 3 set-up, 3 outfit-change photo shoot…all in one hour. Golden hour, that is. We started at 6:45 when the sun was still bright, but was low enough to be beautifully diffused by the trees in the background. I got to my perfectly scouted wildflower location early and set up the first scene so that we could start shooting as soon as the clients arrived. We started with the standard portraits of Little Miss A in her beautiful dress, and even though our balloons blew away within the first five minutes, she thought it was hilarious and kept waving to the sky for the remainder of the shoot (We even got one great balloon shot to boot! Score!) ! Next I had mom get A all changed into her next outfit while I set up the ice cream bar scene and took my macro/detail shots. It was about 7:05 when we started shooting the ice cream smash. The sun was starting to get low, but again, the clouds were catching that golden light and it was the perfect backdrop! I knew that we needed to get to our next location (just down the road) by 7:30 in order to get a few shots in before the sun was gone. So after some ice cream fun (and some major clean up). We loaded up my car and headed over to the horse farm for the bubble bath shots. We were just in time for sunset. Unfortunately, Little Miss A had plans of her own…that did not include taking a bubble bath in a field! haha. She didn’t want to take off her diaper and she wanted her binkie. I knew we were loosing light fast so we followed baby’s lead! (always a good idea, unless you want a crying toddler on your hands!) I had mom place her in the tub- WITH her diaper on and binkie in her mouth. A few bubbles (frantically being blown) later and Miss A had dropped the binkie and was smiling and splashing like crazy! (Bath Tub Tip: Be sure to bring a water thermos to keep the water nice and warm for baby!) By 7:40 the sun had gone down…but here’s a little sunset tip that you might already know about- I call it “2nd sunset”. A little bit after the sun goes down the sky lights up with crazy colors- usually more beautiful than the original sunset! I used this backlighting to get all of my “detail” shots of the cute little clothes hanging on the line to dry while mama got A all dry and dressed. By 8:00, I was in the car driving home. Whew! What a shoot…but totally worth it in the end! :) More images on my blog

Gear Used:
For this shoot I used my Nikon D700, my 50mm 1.4 for the majority of the shoot and my 24-70mm for some pull-back shots. Since I don’t have an assisstant, I always tell parents in advance that they will be “working” the shoot with me! In this case, mom was my right-hand man and I couldn’t have done this hectic shoot without her help! :)


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