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A very natural and beautiful maternity session from Britney Layne Photography!  Britney says that the later you can wait in your client’s pregnancy, the better the photo shoot!  She also offers a few other tips to think about; although I’m not sure if #3 comes as easily to those of us with dry personalities :)


Silhouette Baby Bump Shadows Mom & Pup Umbrella Belly Sunset Belly Field of Belly Soon... 8 Months Alligator Baby

Shot this during the photographer’s Golden Hour and didn’t need much else. We shot on-location at the (now) mom’s home in Northern Maine and in a field not far from town. My client was 8 months pregnant at the time of these photos. I recommend shooting your maternity photos as late as you feel comfortable waiting into your third trimester. The bigger, the better! I also offer month-to-month maternity sessions. Women love watching their baby (and belly!) grow.

I shared a Pinterest board with my mom-to-be and we shared houghts, creative ideas, and funny pictures. It lightens the mood, you get a feel for what your client is looking for, and vice versa. I am pro-pinterest, I suppose! We shared a mountain of photos between each other and these are what we came up with.

Tip #1 – Bring a blanket. We didn’t think that far ahead as we were racing to the field before we lost the sun. My client ended up with a splinter from the dried hay in the field. :\

Tip #2 – Leave the flash in the case! If ou’re working with Golden Hour sunlight, ditch the flash.

Tip #3 – Joke. Make your client laugh. Genuine smiles are #1.

Update: She had a little girl and I will be photographing her next!

Gear Used:
Canon 50D, Canon 50mm lens, Canon 70-300mm lens, Canon 18-55mm lens, Canon BG-E2 grip, Canon 430 ex ii flashes, Cowboy Studio 60″ octabox, natural “golden hour” sunlight, Canon wireless trigger and receivers, PBL light stands, Canon batteries, Energizer rechargeable AA & AAA, SanDisk CF cards, custom-built 8-core PC, Adobe Creative Suite 6, Lightroom 4, and 12 years experience!


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