Senior Sunrise

Well, love it or hate it, it’s that time of year again around here – Back to school!  And that means a new season of senior sessions which we are very excited to start receiving here at IMB.  We’ll start the 2013-2014 year off with this beautiful shoot from Dani Ford Photography.  Call me old fashion, but what I love most about this session is that it’s so tastefully done and I wouldn’t feel embarrassed as a high school senior to look at these pictures with my parents.  Just let her be happy and beautiful the way she is!  You’re creating a memory for her and her family, not trying to land the front page of Maxim magazine :)


Sunrise Headshot Grass Sunrise Field Peach City Smiles at Peach City Tree B&W Sunrise Headshot

I started my session at the *ohh soo earllyyyy* time of 6:30am in a field in Southern Kentucky. That’s almost unheard of wake-up time for a senior, so I was stoked she agreed to do it! My goal was to catch the sunrise to experience a different kind of lighting, but was totally bummed when the morning of was nothing but fog! It actually turned out to be a happy mistake because the fog added an AWESOMESAUCE element to my photographs that I wasn’t expecting. The contrast of this beautiful blonde in the morning mist against the rising sun was just *beautiful* I made sure we both had plenty of fuel (helloooo Diet Mt. Dew) and we had to watch out for the cow patties and killer grasshoppers than seem to lurk in fields! The next series of shots was taken at a staple in our small Kentucky town called Peach City. The guys working didn’t seem to mind there was a pretty girl prancing around in a dress ;) I wanted to create an element of fun and joy, because this girl has a megawatt smile and a contagious giggle. I had a clear vision of exactly how I wanted my photographs and I posed her almost every step of the way which she seemed to definitely appreciate. I love shooting wide open and the beautiful bokeh I achieved helped to create a dreamy element I was going for. I used corny jokes and plenty of asking her to “fake laugh” which always ended up in a huge genuine smile :) She is such a natural beauty and this session is one of my favorites to date because I attempted to do something different. I took a great nap afterwards, however :)

Gear Used:
Canon Mark D II, 85L 1.2

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