Special Baby Z

Having a child with down syndrome myself, this session has a special place in my heart!  I can totally sympathize with all the typical “issues” that come with DS like the low muscle tone and heart defects.  But I also sit here smiling because I know that these parents are feeling so blessed right now and are going to experience certain joys that only a select few parents get to be a part of!  All I can say to them is that it just keeps getting better!

Now, all that being said, let’s not underplay how amazing this session is!  I particularly love the photoshopped sketches (at the end)!  That is a unique idea that we have not seen here yet at IMB.  This is the kind of photo shoot that you want the whole world to see!  Truly inspiring and very creative; great job by Jennifer Harris Photography!


zoey_01 zoey_02 zoey_03 zoey_04 zoey_05 zoey_06 zoey_07 zoey_08 zoey_09 zoey_10

This was a really special session. After years of infertility and miscarriages, my dear friend finally gave birth to a sweet baby girl. Her parents were overjoyed only to discover that sweet little Z had Down Syndrome, as well as heart defects that would require two separate heart surgeries in her first few months of life, as well as different medications, breathing treatments, and oxygen. But you can’t keep this girl down! She is a happy, smiley little thing full of joy and is truly a blessing to her mom and dad.

TIP: Photographing a baby with special needs can be a bit challenging. Since Z needed oxygen, we were careful to have it nearby at all times. We also took plenty of breaks, and used positions that worked best for her, since she doesn’t have the muscle tone that most babies her age have. Like any session with babies, the most important thing is that she was happy and comfortable.

Gear Used:
Canon 7d
Sigma 30 1.4

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