Capturing His First Breath

Birth sessions can be tricky to pull off – basically you are in everyone’s way for almost the entire time you are there, things can quickly become “scary”, and it is hard to find the right positions so that you’re capturing enough detail without the images becoming untactful.  Despite the challenges, Maddie B Photography, delivers (pun intended) a beautiful and well-told story of the birth of little Colton!


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This wonderful family is very dear to my heart. I met Aubrey a couple of years ago, never imagining that I would get to capture the birth of her son. After losing her first baby at 41 weeks in delivery, the birth of Colton was both scary and healing. I was honored and privileged that she and John wanted ME to be the one in the operating room with the two of them, during one of the most precious and awe-inspiring moments we get to experience in life. This was, hands-down, the coolest and most amazing moment I have ever been privileged to photograph.

1. Breathe. I almost hit the deck a couple of times, as the doctor began the c-section! I had to give myself a pep talk behind my little paper mask to breathe, and not be the moron who passed out during the delivery. It worked!

2. Capture everything. The clock, the warming bed before baby is born, the hospital bracelets. They are such small things, but could mean the world to the new parents.

3. Enjoy this moment. Watching a baby takes it’s very first breath is awe-inspiring and spiritual. What an incredible gift to be given to be the one asked to capture it. Enjoy it. Say ‘thank you’ to the parents. Let them know how it rocked your world to watch their precious baby take his first breath.

Gear Used:
Canon 50D, Tamron 24-70mm

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