The Nerd

Happy Halloween from IMB!  I can really appreciate that this cute kid wanted to go out trick-or-treating as himself :)  Of course, dressing in your regular ol’ clothes doesn’t officially count as a costume so mom turned him into a nerdy version of himself!  Love it!


IMG_6503 IMG_6516 IMG_6524 IMG_6533 IMG_6541 IMG_6548 IMG_6562

This shoot started out when my son told me he wanted to be himself for Halloween. I immediately thought of turning him into a “nerdy” version of himself. I went with this more urban location to almost imitate a senior session, just in a smaller form!

These were shot about 2 hours before sunset in Downtown Clearwater, Fl.

Gear Used:
Canon 60D camera with 50mm 1.8 lens @f/2.5

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