Golden Hour Gloriousness

What a great job by Jen CYK Photography in capturing the love between this mother and daughter.  Awesome choice of location and props too; it has a bit of a “once upon a time” feel to it!  Love it!


Jen-CYK-Photography-11 Jen-CYK-Photography-21 Jen-CYK-Photography-3 Jen-CYK-Photography-41 Jen-CYK-Photography-51 Jen-CYK-Photography-61 Jen-CYK-Photography-71 Jen-CYK-Photography-81 Jen-CYK-Photography1

I dreamt of this sessions for a year before I brought it to life. I searched for the perfect mother and daughter. One that could effortlessly showcase their love for each other. I found them. I searched for the perfect dress that would pop in a golden field. I found it. We brought everything together at this golden, warm day. The happiness of this mama, and the sweetness of her daughter is clear. It doesn’t get more amazing than this.

Gear Used:
Canon 5D Mark II
100mm 2.8L

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