Birth Story from a Registered Nurse/1st Time Aunt’s Perspective

A truly inspiring birth story from Katie Myrick Photography and some great tips too for those thinking about taking their camera into the delivery room!  Thanks Katie, wonderful images!


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I was asked by my sister in law to document the birth of her 1st baby. I’m an Emergency Room RN and have birthed 3 babies of my own, so I honestly didn’t think twice about saying YESSS to documenting the birth. BUT no amount of nursing school, working in the ER and birthing 3 babies could have prepared me for the wave of emotions of watching someone I love give birth. My sister in law handled birth like a true rock star mama. Surrounded by her mother, husband, nursing staff and MD, she gave birth to a beautiful petite baby girl. She had a bit of a rough start entering into the world and required a little extra TLC from the nursing and respiratory staff, but she came through and was given a 100% bill of health. I was so honored to be able to document the tender moments shared between a husband and wife, the sheer exhaustion of the birth process and the most amazing and beautiful look of love that a mother has when she sees her baby for the first time. It was hands down AMAZING and life changing and I’m a super proud first time auntie! If someone is thinking about photographing a birth, I would totally recommend doing it! Try to capture the small details and take a more documentary/story telling role. Crank your ISO up and don’t use a flash. Be supportive but don’t get in the way and when it’s GO time shoot from sides of the room and behind the bed. Using a wide angle lens will help tremendously since the rooms are typically smaller. Most importantly, enjoy the amazing experience!

Gear Used:
Nikon D700 ,50mm f/1.4, and an almost maxed out ISO :)

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