My Inspiration – My kids

From: Tiera

If you were to ask most photographers what got them started in photography, I would predict a huge number of them saying it was so they could take beautiful images of their own kids. Well, I am one of those people. I remember taking my two year old daughter to a local park here in Nashville and photographing her literally daily! I fell in love with photography and in character with my extremely OCD behavior had to know everything their was to know about it. Somewhere along the line between taking images for clients I was not taking time to capture my own kids so I made it a goal this past year to take portraits of my own children. The past 4 years have been such a journey in discovering my own style and continuing to learn daily. This post is dedicated to my inspiration, my kids!

Lemon1 Lemon2 Lemon6 Lemon10 Lemon14 Lemon11 Lemon91

Gear Used:
Canon 5 D Mark III
Canon 70-200

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